C++ VS Blueprints

I have personally found that the difference of use between c++ and blueprints in unreal engine 4 is personal preference because if you are a programmer you may work faster writing script while some might prefer visual scripting(blueprints).

Bottom line you would prefer to write in C++  when you are writing performance critical sections and use blueprints for higher lever interactions. But if your like me i like to use both as they both offer great advantages and disadvantages.

I will show a completed screenshot of a on screen message in both blueprints and C++ to show the difference in the use of the both.


In C++ after creating a class i will put

GEngine->AddOnScreenDebugMessage(-1, 5.f, FColor::Yellow, TEXT(“HELLO GAMERS”));

underneath Super::BeginPlay. So as u can see its a case off your own personal prefernce.

The one question everyone ask’s is what should i use well according to (Unreal engine tutorials).

Should I learn Unreal Engine 4 C++ or Blueprints? When you have finalized Unreal Engine 4 as the platform to develop your next game, this is the very first question that will pop up in your mind .

Every beginner in Unreal Engine 4 encounters this question and most of them are confused about choosing BLUEPRINTS over C++ or vice versa. This question seems very obvious as Blueprints and C++ , both of them provides almost all the functionalities which are required to develop a game. Then questions arises – ” why to choose C++ and not Blueprints  or vice versa? “, “On what basis we will choose one of them?”.
The answers to these questions mainly depends upon your area of expertise and your requirements. Before choosing between Blueprints or C++, ask yourself a few questions –

  • What is your programming background?
  • Do you have deep interest in programming?
  • Are you a designer who wants to build a prototype for your game?
  • Do you need a game prototype to be done quickly?

These are few of questions which will lead to answer of your previous question -“Unreal Engine 4 C++ or Blueprints, what to choose ?”.

If you are coming from programming background i.e. you already know C++ or some other programming languages like Java, C# , PHP etc then it means you are already familiar with many of Object Oriented Programming Concepts like Inheritance , Data Abstraction , Classes , Objects etc.  On the other hand , if you are from non-programming background then all these terms will sound alien to you.

Blueprint scripting is a clear winner in above case and you can learn basic programming concepts on the go while developing games using Node based scripting in Blueprints. You need not to worry about any syntax problems as you need not to write any code. You just need to find relevant node and drag wires in the interface to make them work.

Secondly, if you are a programmer and have experience working in C++, then still it is recommended to work in Blueprints initially, as it helps in getting familiar to Unreal Engine structure. Once you are familiar with the work flow you can start development using C++, though it is totally your call if you want to directly start out with C++.

If you are a 3D modeler who works for making 3D characters, environment , Character rigging , Animations and want to make a quick prototype of game ideas that are circulating in your mind , then Blueprint scripting is again a clear winner. You will not have to worry about the complexity of programming languages. Within few days of working you will find yourself comfortable in applying logics to your game very easily using Blueprint scripting.

Till now you will get a feeling that if you can do everything using Blueprints so easily then why to use C++ for games ever. It is true that Epic Games have exposed almost all functionalities in Blueprints that too without compromising performance factors. Almost all games that can be made using Unreal engine 4 C++, can be made using the Blueprint functionalities. But with increase in complexity of game, performance and efficiency in case of C++ remains very high compared to Blueprints. Also C++ provides so much flexibility to the programmers that Blueprints can not provide till now. As Unreal Engine 4 is written in C++, if you are a C++ expert , then you can dig deep into engine files to suite your needs.

So , coming to conclusion , we will recommend  you to start in Blueprints and get familiar to Game Engine structure . Eventually you can switch to C++ as per your needs. You can even use combination of Blueprints and C++ to get the best out of both of them.

Hope you have got an answer to your question. Whatever you choose to work on, keep working on it and enjoy the game development.

Unreal Engine 4 C++ or Blueprints , what to choose? 2015                                         http://www.unrealenginetutorials.com/unreal-engine-4-c-or-blueprints/                                                                             (Accessed on 22/10/15)


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